“Sheetgo helps us to be more accurate in our processes and avoids a lot of headaches too.”

Daniel Robles, Accounts Receivable Specialist at Spotahome

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About Spotahome

Spotahome is an online booking platform for non-vacation home rentals. Founded in Spain in 2014, the company specializes in mid-to-long term rentals, for stays of longer than 30 days. The team’s mission is to provide a quick and simple rental experience for landlords and tenants—via a 100% online platform.

By providing detailed property information, Spotahome eliminates the need for in-person viewings and its multilingual customer support service helps international tenants who would normally face language barriers when renting abroad.




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Challenge A: Spotahome manages many landlords who own multiple properties. The tracking of each payment per landlord, per property, and per period was a time-consuming task for multiple employees. Spotahome was looking for a way to make it easier to check the status of these payments, and to simplify the system for landlords too.

Challenge B: The allocation of bookings required a lot of copy-pasting as well. This was another laborious manual task, during which mistakes can easily be made. Mistakes that potentially could be very costly for the company.

Just one click and it’s done! Only had to set it up once.”

Daniel Robles | Accounts Receivable Specialist, Spotahome


Solution A: Spotahome resolved this issue by creating a master sheet where staff can check reference numbers to see if a landlord has been paid for a specific booking.

Spotahome employees can now use reference numbers to check a landlord’s payment status—simply and quickly, in one spreadsheet.

Solution B: Booking allocation is now managed in one spreadsheet, using queries and Sheetgo connection updates scheduled on a daily basis. This functions just like a database. As a result, the team can now calculate payments to landlords accurately and efficiently. They can track every booking from start to end, saving time and avoiding lots of mistakes.