“Sheetgo’s automated inventory process is saving us some serious time”

Christopher Spikes, CEO & Founder, Authen

What is Authen?

Authen, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the first and largest Brazilian Technical Activewear brand focused on women’s running apparel that blends American engineering with a Brazilian soul for a truly exceptional and unique experience when training with Authen’s products.




Hours saved every year






As Authen has many sales representatives out in the field that sell items that are not produced yet, they needed a way to create a pre-inventory system for their production to know what, where, when and for whom they needed to produce these items.

This would make it easier to track and manage the process from pre-selling items to producing them, and ultimately deliver them.

“I never realized how much manual work could be reduced while working with multiple sheets.”

Christopher Spikes, CEO & Founder, Authen


All sales reps have their own Google Sheets in which they update their pre-sales data. With Sheetgo’s consolidate feature, a master sheet with all individual sales reps’ sheets is merged into the pre-ordered inventory sheet.

Another connection is made to automatically import data from the pre-ordered inventory to the actual inventory management master sheet giving the team up-to-date data about order stats.