“Sheetgo helped us save a lot of time for both us and our clients”

Francisco Vieira Manzanera | CFO & Cofounder, Triporate

What is Triporate?

Triporate is a platform that makes booking your business trips easier using artificial intelligence. This technology makes the process of booking trips 8-10 times more efficient than traditional methods, allowing travelers to save a lot of time and money. The result is cheaper business travel for clients—and a faster booking experience.

Ahead of your next business trip, you can simply send Triporate an email with your travel details. From that email, Triporate will automatically search for deals on whatever you need (flights, trains, accommodation) and send you the results back via email.




Hours saved every year






Even though they already automated many of their processes, Triporate was still faced with a lot of manual work. Data from their database is transformed into a spreadsheet. The team would then use that spreadsheet data to manually generate monthly reports for every client.

After this step, Triporate then used another piece of software to generate invoices. After checking both the spreadsheets and invoices, they would send the monthly reports and invoices to clients—manually.

This amount of repetitive manual work was a bad fit with the company’s innovative identity. The Triporate team wanted to eliminate this time-consuming work and ensure that each client could have access to their travel data and monthly invoices.

Sheetgo went above and beyond during their monthly hackathon to create a customized solution for us.”

Francisco Vieira Manzanera | CFO & Cofounder, Triporate


The spreadsheets generated from Triporate’s database are now merged—using Sheetgo—into a master sheet, filtering only the data they need. The master sheet is used to keep a clean and organized data dashboard.

Triporate then uses Sheetgo again to distribute and filter data from the master sheet to individual client spreadsheets that are shared with clients.

With Sheetgo they are also able to automate the sending of invoice data into the reporting spreadsheets. This means they no longer need to send emails, as clients have access to their shared Google Sheets.