“Sheetgo has really opened up the stream of communications between our teams in Mali, Niger, and Tunisia.”

Justin Colvard, Deputy Country Director | Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps

MERCY CORPS is an international non-profit working in more than 40 countries around the world. Over the next two years, one of their key activities will be to identify youth that is likely to undertake migration. They want to give them the information and skills they need to conduct a safe migration. Furthermore, they want to provide them with entrepreneurship training in their country of origin to prevent unsafe migration. On top of that, they want to link them to information-sharing and financial services that can help them better manage their limited sources.




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One of the challenges they were facing was the information management. In such multi-country programs it’s not easy to coordinate training tools, ensure program quality and keep track of (highly mobile) program participants. For this reason they began looking for solutions to better communicate and share between different country teams. They decided to start using Google Sheets to better manage their information. However, they quickly ran into limitations with data sharing and account permissions.

By using Sheetgo it’s now possible to Promote Real-time Communication, Transparency and Sharing between the Three Country Teams.”

Justin Colvard | Deputy Country Director, Mercy Corps


Sheetgo has helped Mercy Corps fulfill its needs by getting different spreadsheets to ‘talk to one another’. By setting edit permissions it’s possible to enable everyone to see what their colleagues in other countries are doing without interfering with the workflow or structure of the other team.

By using Sheetgo it’s now possible to promote real-time communication, transparency, and sharing between the three country teams. Thanks to Sheetgo’s user-friendly interface it’s easy to show other team members how to link multiple files together.