“I didn’t realize how much time could be saved until we used Sheetgo to automate our process”

Felipe Garcia, Head of Accelerators | WOW Aceleradora 

What is WOW?

WOW is one of the first startup accelerators in southern Brazil. It has the support of 220 investors who provide accelerated startups with extensive networking assistance and guidance, sharing their expertise in various sectors of the economy. Today, it’s the biggest Brazilian startup accelerator backed by angel investors.

WOW was founded in 2013 by four entrepreneurs with common goals. Drawing on their experiences, they built WOW to strengthen the Brazilian technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystem. Since then, WOW has raised more than R$ 22 million, invested in 73 startups and made 4 exits.




Hours saved every year


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Accelerators, venture capital funds and even sales teams tend to have systems for reporting to a manager. In WOW’s case, the accelerator organizes programs and each startup reports their monthly KPIs. The accelerator consolidates them by batch, has a general overview and also generates reports by startup type for potential investors. Previously, this was all done manually by copying and pasting from Excel spreadsheets or emails, which generated problems with efficiency and outdated data.

WOW wanted to make the reporting process seamless so that the startups and the accelerator could both save time.

“We are really happy with the support of Sheetgo. I can’t imagine working on the same manual tasks again.”

Felipe Garcia | Head of Accelerators, WOW Aceleradora 


WOW stores data from all of the startups inside a Google Drive Folder. One Google Drive folder equals one batch/program. Using Sheetgo’s consolidate from folder feature, they merge all the spreadsheets per Google Drive folder into a (master) spreadsheet that functions as their dashboard. To do that effectively, WOW provides each startup with a Google Sheets Template to make sure the data is structured and prepared for a consolidation.

In other words, every Google Drive Folder has a master spreadsheet representing the desired data from that folder’s spreadsheets. They use Sheetgo again to extract and filter data from that master spreadsheet to segment individual spreadsheet reports.