“The system created with Sheetgo helps the company to speed up production.”

Dawid Zacharzowski | Project manager, Eko Okna

What is Eko Okna?

Eko-Okna is Europe’s largest producer of aluminium and uPVC windows, doors, and shutters.

With manufacturing facilities located in Pietrowice Wielkie, southern Poland, Eko-Okna (which means “eco window” in Polish) employs a total of 7000 people at its sites across the country. 3500 people work at Eko-Okna’s 5 production halls, manufacturing 6000 windows every single day! All products are based on components from branded European suppliers.




Hours saved every year






As a project manager, Dawid’s job involves collecting orders and then creating work schedules for the factory.

The company has a complex orders system and previously Dawid had to manually extract this data and put it into spreadsheets to share with suppliers and the production team.

Our factory has about 50 monitors with production schedules run by Sheetgo.”

Dawid Zacharzowksi | Project manager, Eko Okna


Dawid downloads reports from Eko-Okna’s order system into CSV files. He then uses Sheetgo to consolidate this data, by week or month, and exports the information to a work schedule in Google Sheets. The work schedule spreadsheet calculates how many working hours are required.

The spreadsheets are shared with two end-user groups: suppliers and the production team. Suppliers can see what materials are required and the production team see what they need to make. The schedules are accessible to staff on 50 touchscreens located inside the production halls.