“Knowing that the data process is automated, increases the reliability of our data.”

Juan Quirós Carmona | CEO,  Crowdence

What is Crowdence?

Crowdence is a web platform that enables anyone to create and sell their own personalized T-shirts, without upfront investment. The client uploads their T-shirt design, puts a price on it and starts selling them for a limited time period. 

Manufacturing is done in batch, ensuring lower costs and higher quality, and Crowdence handles all manufacturing, payments and shipping so that clients can focus on their designs and marketing campaigns.




Hours saved every year






Crowdence needed to generate weekly management accounts and adapt their accounts to their investors’ format monthly. The financial software, Holded, is used as a destination for all sales and expenses. The system allows users to visualize other reports, such as management accounts, but it does not generate them.

To view this report in Holded, the team had to download the accounts, transform the data and import it into Holded, every month. Generating investor reports was even more cumbersome. The investors don’t use Holded, so they require a spreadsheet report. On top of this, their accounting report format is not the same as the company’s. Because of this, Crowdence had to download the data, transform it, enter it into the investors’ template and send it, every month.

“Out of all the connectivity apps, Sheetgo is the only one that is actually made for spreadsheets.”

 Juan Quirós Carmona

CEO, Crowdence


Because the investors prefer to have the reports in a spreadsheet, Crowdence is using Sheetgo to transfer and filter data from one spreadsheet to another. The filtered spreadsheets contain only the data that the investor needs for the monthly report and are updated automatically.