“I needed an advanced inventory control system. Sheetgo took a very complex situation and presented it back to me in a simple way that has been very easy to manage in an emergency.”

Rick Cochran, VP, Business Intelligence, HMG Healthcare

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Based in Texas, HMG Healthcare manages 29 specialist nursing and rehabilitation facilities across the US. The company uses a data-driven approach to understand predictors and seeks to improve quality of care using analytics to prescribe the right course of treatment.




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With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, HMG was faced with the challenge of acquiring and distributing personal protective equipment to care staff, as quickly as possible. Global demand meant HMG had to buy products from multiple vendors at fluctuating prices. The team needed a dynamic inventory list to manage the distribution of over 40,000 items to 30 different locations.

Previously, HMG used Excel spreadsheets to manage procurement and inventory. This was a manual, time-consuming process. “Although our systems were sufficient under a normal operating environment, Covid-19 challenged us with immediate and significant demands,” explains Vice President Rick Cochran. “We were previously spending around 20 hours a week preparing and managing inventory data in spreadsheets.

“My team now has a dynamic inventory system that allows us to track product needs by facility, cost of product, number in inventory, and the distribution of each product to the facility with the corresponding price.”

Rick Cochran, VP, Business Intelligence, HMG Healthcare


HMG now use an automated inventory workflow based on Google Sheets with Sheetgo connections. The master sheet allows the team to view items per facility, transactions per item and deliveries pending. If an item is missing at a facility, staff can allocate supplies in one click. The master sheet is connected to a Purchases spreadsheet, for recording orders, deliveries and prices. To speed up the supply chain, items can now be sent directly from vendor to facility.

A Requests spreadsheet allows facilities to negotiate with the central office, based on product availability. To ensure data consistency, a validation on the master sheet is distributed to Requests and Purchases, syncing data in all spreadsheets to ensure everyone has accurate information at all times.